Welcome to Primary 3 and 4! 

Mr Johnston and Mrs McKeown and are our teachers.  
Louise and Jennifer are our classroom assistants. 

World Book Day 2017 
We dressed up as characters from books we have read. 

World War 2 
In February, we stepped back in time to the early 1940s to experience life during the second world war. We travelled to Enniskillen museum and got a flavour of what it was like in an Anderson Shelter, dressed up in original soldiers' uniforms, examined some of the wartime weapons and vehicles and we even made our own identity cards! We had a great day.  
Christmas Card Craft! 
P3 and P4 have been making our very own Christmas cards with an eco-friendly twist... by reusing old cards. We chose images and verses from recycled cards and added our own artwork. We even created our own envelopes the right size. Check out our handiwork below! 
Number Riddles 
To help us learn our numbers, we created puzzles and clue sheets to solve a shape made of of numbers with our partners. We are super quick at number work! 
Wonderful Winter Waistcoats 
In pairs we designed fancy winter-themed waistcoats with symmetical patterns. Each of our waistcoats was made to measure to a perfect fit. 
Sorting and Making Numbers 
We have been investigating the way numbers are made up using straws, sticks and lots of other materials. We counted and made bundles of tens and loose ones to create numbers and estimated how many our partners had in their bundles. 
Being Creative with our Bodies 
As part of P.E we have been creating letters and numbers to spell our names and ages using our bodies in different shapes with partners. Can you guess what the letters and numbers are? 

All About Me! 

In Activity Based Learning we have been exploring many new ideas about ourselves and other people - our names, our appearances, our characters, our families and how to keep ourselves healthy. 
We are Hygienic 
We created songs about washing our hands for different reasons and explored different percussion instruments to keep a steady pulse. Check out some of our compositions! 

Other People! 

We have been reading about Horrid Henry and thinking about his character.  
We brainstormed words to describe him and his brother Perfect Peter and clues in the story to help us. We found out how opposite they are!  


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