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Carntall Primary School, Clogher, County Tyrone

Meet Our Board of Governors


The Governing Body of Carntall Primary school is made up of dedicated individuals from a wide range of backgrounds. We are all volunteers who give our time to monitor and evaluate school practices to ensure management of the school are spending the budget wisely to ensure the best outcomes for all of the children. We also have to make sure that the school is meeting all statutory requirements.


The Board of Governors for our school are:

Mrs Audrey Boyd: Parent Representative and Designated Governor for Child Protection

Mr Adrian Gervais: Transferor Representative and Vice Chair

Mrs Sandra Barnett: Board Representative and link governor for Health and Safety

Mr Roger Clarke: Principal

Mrs Karen Clements: Teacher Representative

Mr John Smith: Transferor Representative and link governor for ICT

Mrs Emma Trimble: Chair of the Board of Governors and link governor for Numeracy

Mrs Joanne Bell: Parent Representative and link governor for Shared Education and SEN

Mrs Isabel Gilmore: Transferor Representative and link governor for Literacy

Mr Alan Liggett: Transferor Representative