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Carntall Primary School, Clogher, County Tyrone



Mathletics is a web-based learning program that integrates home and school learning via the internet. The multi-award winning e-learning platform can be accessed any time from a computer by visiting or it is also available to download as an App on iPad, Android and Windows devices.

Helping at home

We recommend that you spend time looking at the program with your child so that you can see how Mathletics will benefit his or her learning. As a parent or guardian, you can sign up to receive weekly reports. These will provide you with details on your child’s progress and achievement.

Live Mathletics

In Live Mathletics, your child can challenge other students to real-time races that will boost the speed and accuracy of their own mental mathematical calculations. You can choose to compete against students from right across the world, or from your child’s own school or class. Points and credits are awarded for correct answers and beating your high score.

Curriculum Support and Concept Search

The Curriculum Support Area gives a step-by-step explanation of the activity your child is working on. Where applicable, the difficulty level of the examples can be controlled using the buttons at the bottom of the screen.

The Concept Search is a fully interactive and illustrated encyclopedia of mathematical words and terms. It is a great way to explore new areas and discover explanations to concepts that your child is working on. To access the Concept Search, simply click on the icon in your Student Console.

Use the Search box, or alphabet bar, to search for a particular word or phrase that you would like to explore. To view a more (or less) complicated explanation select one of the four dogs, bottom - left of the screen. For each mathematical term, there is a word-based explanation as well as an interactive animation to help children understand. Be sure to explore the examples given, for best understanding!